Going Back to Court

The orphanage director and our agency believe that the errors won’t be a problem, but our case does have to go back to court. They anticipate it was only take a few days to correct and we should be out of court again. We’re changing the language of the documents somewhat, but not completely. The new language makes me nervous –not so much that the court won’t approve it, but that it won’t suffice for immigration. Having gone through several immigration processes with Ken, I know that they’re very particular about things, and their appreciation for creativity in language and procedure is different than mine. Hopefully our agency right in that this is no big deal and that the wording is not all that important.

My students did the sweetest thing for our adoption today. They actually created t-shirts last semester and sold them, with the profits going toward our adoption. They presented me with a rather large check today. I was speechless! Fortunately, I had some new pictures of the kids to show them, which was fun. Lots of ooo’s and ahhhh’s over the two of them, and over Emmanuel’s sweet smiling face. Then they had a good laugh over one of Rose’s pictures– you can see the mishchief written all over her face. Everyone seems to agree that we will have quite a character on our hands.

I can’t wait!


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