Sigh . . .

We finally received copies of our court documents, which tell a little more of the story of why our case has been in court so long. There are several reasons, all of which are not pleasant. But, the good news is that judgment has been pronounced, and we’re now progressing through the non-appeal period.

We hope.

There are lots of little errors in our court documents. Mostly misspellings, which should be easy to correct.

But there’s one big error: Ken’s citizenship. The court documents indicate that he’s an American, and although he looks like one, he is in fact, Canadian. This is not a simple typo. I don’t know how easy it will be to correct. I don’t know if there’s a different process for Americans-married-to-Canadian couples, other than the fact that the American of the two of us is the one who has to travel to the DRC. (The Canadian of the two of us is going to help keep me safe.) I do know that I am required to be the primary adoptive parent. So I really think it does make a difference. We had to fill out our initial immigration approval forms differently because Ken is Canadian, and had to provide extra documentation to prove his status in the U.S. Having dealt with immigration before, I know the only mistakes they gloss over are their own.  Will we have to go back through the court process again, or will they just be able to correct it, as if it’s a typo? I don’t know. Our agency is contacting the orphanage director to see if corrections can be made and how this will play out.

For now, I’m going to finish correcting a few dozen other typos.

Sigh . . .


8 thoughts on “Sigh . . .

  1. Blerg.

    Don’t lose heart. I’m disappointed with you, praying for you, and remembering that God’s timing is perfect.

    Can I tell you I have been thinking of your sweet babies periodically throughout the day? Seeing their pictures yesterday was a huge blessing. They look so healthy and content and I hope that will make the transition once they get home easier!

  2. Well, actually I think Ken looks like a Canadian, he is hockey player after all, and looks like one, aka Canadian!

    And I would think the African agency would welcome a Canadian Parent to balance the crazy America politics with some good old Fashioned Candain influnence with British Logic mixed with French Passion for Life. This may accelerate the process!

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