Where My Heart Is, My Earlobes Will Be Also

20 gauge wire and clear beads . . .

Flat nose and round nose pliers with a cutting tool . . .

Bend, shape, embellish, add jump rings and some ear wires . . .

Congo earrings.

In case you wonder what’s ever on my mind . . .


3 thoughts on “Where My Heart Is, My Earlobes Will Be Also

  1. I am going to need a pair of these asap! Also, we are having a craft fair next Saturday – if you have ANYTHING that you are selling to fund your adoption – please let me know – you can come and set up a booth and sell your wares. Booth rentals are free to adoptive families. Please spread the word if you know any other adoptive families who are selling things also!

    • I don’t really have anything to sell, but I’d be happy to make you a pair! What color beads would you like? I’ve got a pretty good stash of beads. If you give me a few options, I probably have something you’d like!

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