Creatively Crafty Question

The first Saturday of the month is often an occasion to celebrate in our household, as it is half price day at Goodwill retail stores. And because I was looking for cheap fabric for crafting projects, I went to Goodwill Outlet as well, because they always have good deals. Goodwill Outlet is where items that haven’t sold in the retail stores get one “last chance” to be purchased, and everything is priced by the pound.

While I was at Goodwill Outlet, I came across this fabric:

It was a 100% cotton size 12 A-line skirt in perfect condition, which was too small for me, but I love the fabric. The one inch polka dots actually matches the colors of my living room. But now I must decide what to do with it. Should I make it into a shoulder bag? Should I cut the fabric into scraps to make another wreath? Find someone who wears a size 12 who wants a super-cute skirt? What else? Any fabulous crafting ideas?


7 thoughts on “Creatively Crafty Question

  1. I like the idea of a shoulder bag, and I feel like the beauty of the polka dots would be lost in a wreath.
    I was also thinking that since it’s an A-line, if it’s long enough, you could chop off the top, create a new waistband (or go without one), and make it your size. But there are a lot of other factors that could complicate that… pockets, method of closure, length.
    If that idea would work except it would then be too short you could layer a solid color in the skirt underneath… or something.

    • Bethany! I’m so glad to hear from you.

      I’m with you on the wreath. I actually bought it to make a wreath, but cutting up the polka dots makes my heart sad. You wouldn’t see the fun pattern. Why couldn’t I find some ugly fabric in my living room colors!

      I like the “moving the waistband” plan. I may be able to make that work . . . then I could have my skirt and wear it too!

  2. robin, you could cover the backs of picture frames with fabric and it creates a cool background for pictures in a larger frame or forgo the glass and attach an initial for a mongram look

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