Sticky Fingers

I love waffles, but I hate sticky fingers. Sticky fingers lead to sticky pants and sticky faces. So yesterday when I was handed a bottle with syrup running down the side I was horrified. A mom at our church said, “Better get used to that”.

She was right. There are a lot of changes coming.

And we welcome all of them.

Instead of action adventure or romantic comedies, our television set will be dominated by educational programming and cartoons.

Gone are the quiet romantic dinners. They will be replaced by fast food chains will play places.

Sleeping in late: out. One more bedtime story: in.

Business casual will be replaced by what fights stains best.

“Don’t cry over spilled milk,” will soon be more than a cliché.

A goodnights rest will be ousted by all-out-searches for monsters in the closet or under the bed.

An interesting read will be ignored as a last minute science fair project is hastily pulled together. Perhaps the subject will be “the prolonged effects of sleep deprivation”.

Instead of the latest flat screen TV, we will be getting braces.

Forgive me if I sound like I am complaining. That’s not my intention. Perhaps I am just coming to grips with all the sacrifices and lifestyle changes that come with parenthood. And like I said, “we welcome all of them”.

Soon our refrigerator will be adorned with all sorts of misshaped finger painting portraits. Bring ‘em on!

In a few months, we will begin construction on massive Lincoln log skyscrapers and leaning towers of Lego. I can’t wait to be the foreman or the bricklayer.

Our TV room will be under siege with fortifications of cushions and blankets that will be erected.

There are Halloween costumes in our forecast.

Lines for Christmas productions will need to be memorized.

Loose teeth will need to be pulled.

Skinned knees and tears soon will be here.

And we can’t wait for with these things will come:



Hugs and kisses.

Hide and seek.

“I love you’s.”

So bring on the sticky fingers and the glitter and the piano recitals.

We just can’t wait.


A guest post by Ken.


One thought on “Sticky Fingers

  1. Wow, I love this post. You just described the last 11 years of our lives. And when I try to imagine our lives without even one of those items included my heart aches. Yes, I have complained about the long-standing blanket and pillow forts in the family room. I miss the days of sleeping in as long as I want (although those are coming back for us occasionally). And I love those quiet minutes after the kids are safely tucked in bed. But all I can think of when I read your list of “life after kids” items is this: We are truly blessed. And I can’t wait to read about your trips to McD’s Playplace and Halloween costumes and piano recitals. For the past 15 years your “twosome” life has been great. For the next many years it will be full to overflowing!

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